antonio saporito architecture + design florence

"The Painting board" panoramic restaurant

2012 Quarrata (Pt)

Panoramic restaurant.

"The Painting board" panoramic restaurant - is the design of a pavilion of steel, wood and glass, designed to host a high-profile restaurant itinerant, born from artistic intuition. The perspective sketches have sug-holds images of the new space at 360 degrees on the city, becoming itself a veranda overlooking the surrounding hills.
Volume around the central open space and a discreet distribution of tables convertible into areas live and relax.
"La Painting board", a full volume appearance and func-tional architecture in harmony with the landscape. The materials are assumed highly innovative, technological and ecososte-able. The lightness of the pavilion is underlined by the wooden roof and steel, copper and coated externally with perforated skylights circular and colored glass that emphasize the idea of painting board. In the central section there are the services of the restaurant and the kitchen, the roof is tilted on its diagonal. In general, the structure of the building is char-acterized by the idea of lightness and formal cleanness.