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Antonio Saporito

Antonio Saporito
Photo: Quagli Lapo

ANTONIO SAPORITO was born in San Nicola Arcella the 29th July 1959.
He lives in Sesto Fiorentino and works in Florence.
Art Master (art of metal working and jewellery) after his art studies he attended the Architecture University “La Sapienza” in Rome.
He started his first exhibitions in the eighties, with paintings and sculptures, followed by other group exhibitions with Salvatore Pepe; artist and scenographer, who is involved in studies of phenomena of visual perception, on writing (meant like “sign”) and on the objectification of the work of art.
In 2007 he took part in the exhibition of paintings “Libera l’Arte”, in the magnificent Museo di San Pietro in Assisi. His parallel working between art and architecture has always been a great example of harmony.
The Great Master Nato Frasca, founder of “Gruppo 1” together with Santoro, Biggi, Carrino, Pace and Uncino, in 1994 wrote of him:
His work is not only pure handicraft but it is also full of artistic genius. Antonio Saporito,the careful architect,is beneficiary and designer of spatial elements and offers to our everyday use his fine architectural working out… The attention that has been turned to my works of painting and sculpture which, more than sculptures themselves, as some art critics and historians say, are real “structures”...
I have always stated that a real Master is the one that depending on circumstances, becomes pupil , in recognizing and in enriching oneself through the work of those who consider themselves his pupils and that are influenced and spurred by his works...
Maybe Antonio has found in my works a special consonance with his horizons and with his desire to enter practically into the nature of the architect...
I can only add that his essential design with its contemporary complexity can give us a share both in the fantastic realm of art than in everyday reality, that we call “Interior Design”.

Since 1990 he works with a firm of architects PIERATTELLI ARCHITETTURE S.R.L., dealing with architectural design of buildings both in the field of restructuring and in design of new building.
The magic images full of poetry of his sketches are whenever offered in works of architecture design. He has participated in many art contests, as well as architectural and design competition.